Before & After

We accept children until 12 years of age in our after-school program. Children ages five to twelve years old are independent, active and very social. Our program is designed to allow children the space to make choices. Children are in school all day and therefore need time to unwind.

  • Homework

    Children are given a set time to do homework, usually beginning at 5:00 PM. During this time children without homework will be allowed to go to the Game Area or choose another Quiet Area activity. Teachers can assist children with homework; however, it will be up to parents to check homework. Teachers will not go through children’s personal belongings in search of homework.

    Parents, if you prefer your child to explore the center’s activities and do homework with you, please let the teacher know. Or if you are leaving the decision to your child, please let the teacher know.

  • Outdoor Play
    Children are taken outside for thirty minutes daily (weather permitting). Children will either go out upon arrival or after homework time.
  • Clean-up/Departure
    Children are encouraged to put away all toys and equipment. Please be patient when picking up your child, allow him/her time to help keep their room clean and inviting.
  • Snack
    Children are served a snack upon arrival. It is the child’s choice to eat. We will encourage, but not force children to eat a snack.

Center Hours

7:00 AM to 6:15 PM
Monday to Friday

Our Mission

At Childway Early Learning Center, we encourageimage each child to think creatively, reason logically, apply knowledge usefully and many other practical skills we can impart. We strive to provide comprehensive childcare and day care programs.

About Us
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