Infant Care

Designed to care for the needs of the children age six weeks to twenty-four months old. This program enhances the developmental process for entering into the next phase of life. Children are engaged in individual and small group activities.

thumbnail_imageThe children are engaged in developmentally appropriate activities to strengthen muscles. Children learn to sit-up, crawl, stand, walk and perform other physical skills. At Childway, our infant program contains lots of opportunities for early exploration and discovery. Your little one will be exposed to experiences that involve motor, sensory, and social stimulation through talking, playing, moving, singing, reading, and many more.

We believe that it is crucial to develop the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive aspects of your child in their early stages in order to develop a wide variety of skills such as:

  • Motor skills
  • Language acquisition and development
  • Sensory stimulation and awareness
  • Visual development
  • Self-help skills, and many more


Toddlers are naturally inquisitive and we use their specific curiosities to forge a solid foundation in which they can build skills for life. Our toddler curriculum is composed of active learning through hands-on activities, play, self-exploration, language development, and socialization. Our toddler classrooms are well equipped with equipment, activities, and an attentive staff to help foster all these aspects of development.

Two Year-Old

Two-year-olds are curious, imaginative, and have lots of energy. They begin to explode with excitement about their newly acquired verbal and physical skills. They enjoy being active and are very passionate about making those around them understand their needs. Children at this age still enjoy playing alone or with one or two other children. They may also play independently alongside other children. As the child gets closer to three years old, they will begin to play cooperatively with other children.

Our program is designed to handle the vast changes of the two-year-old. We provide plenty of opportunities for physical development to help relieve a child’s pent up energy. Through the use of books, finger plays, songs, felt board stories, games, and other language mediums we enhance their budding verbal skills. We have several different arts and craft activities to foster their creativity.

We work diligently with parents to help with potty training. Potty training can not be forced and children must be mentally and physically ready for this step in order for them to succeed. When potty training, parents will be given a schedule of times the child had gone to the bathroom, as well as each time the child had to be changed. The next step will be to take the child to the bathroom at regular times each day. We encourage children who are in the potty training stage to wear pull-up diapers to help them eventually transition to underwear. Parents must make sure that they have the time to devote to the task of potty training while at home. It is much harder for the child to get potty trained if it’s not being reinforced at home.

Three to Five Year Old

Children ages three to five years old have become independent thinkers. Our preschool program is designed to encourage the child’s interest in his/her own education. Preschoolers become increasingly able to focus on tasks for longer periods of time. They are logical thinkers and understand the concept of rules and consequences. They are imaginative and therefore thrive in atmospheres that are enriched with creativity. Preschoolers are curious by nature and therefore begin taking more risks.

Our program is designed to prepare these children for public school. Children are given many opportunities to explore the world around them. They are given challenges and a lot of different activities so that they are never bored. Through the use of the learning centers and creative teachers, children are invited to enhance their independence, math, memory, writing, and phonics skills, etc. As of Fall 2015, we are using the Investigator Club curriculum.


Our kindergarten curriculum serves to develop language and social navigation skills to promote confidence and to prepare them for school life. Essential readiness skills are fostered through play, self-investigation, and self-direction. With our Kindergarten program, we help accelerate their learning to a higher level. Childway Early Learning Center values the development of your child, so we have various activities and lessons that promote optimum learning.

Our staff ensures that your child will be given sufficient learning materials to help them understand new information better. We help children not only in their academic growth but also with their emotional, social, and psychological areas.

Our staff is well evaluated and are provided with additional training to ensure that your child will be given the sufficient care they deserve. As of Fall 2015 we are using the Investigator Club curriculum with S.T.E.A.M. Our Burtonsville location is the only one that has a Kindergarten program.

Before and After Care

We accept children until 12 years of age in our after-school program. Children ages five to twelve years old are independent, active and very social. Our program is designed to allow children the space to make choices. Children are in school all day and therefore need time to unwind.

  • Homework

    Children are given a set time to do homework, usually beginning at 5:00 PM. During this time children without homework will be allowed to go to the Game Area or choose another Quiet Area activity. Teachers can assist children with homework; however, it will be up to parents to check homework. Teachers will not go through children’s personal belongings in search of homework.

    Parents, if you prefer your child to explore the center’s activities and do homework with you, please let the teacher know. Or if you are leaving the decision to your child, please let the teacher know.

  • Outdoor Play
    Children are taken outside for thirty minutes daily (weather permitting). Children will either go out upon arrival or after homework time.
  • Clean-up/Departure
    Children are encouraged to put away all toys and equipment. Please be patient when picking up your child, allow him/her time to help keep their room clean and inviting.
  • Snack
    Children are served a snack upon arrival. It is the child’s choice to eat. We will encourage, but not force children to eat a snack.

Center Hours

7:00 AM to 6:15 PM
Monday to Friday

Our Mission

At Childway Early Learning Center, we encourageimage each child to think creatively, reason logically, apply knowledge usefully and many other practical skills we can impart. We strive to provide comprehensive childcare and day care programs.

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